Android Q Beta 2 Now Available

Back in March, Google launched the first beta of Android Q, the newest version of its Android operating system. Now, almost a month later, and the company is back at it again with the second beta.

On Wednesday, Google officially released the second Android Q beta. As is par for the course, while the beta will be available for other devices at some point in the near future, to start it’s only available for Pixel-branded devices. If you want to check out how to download the beta, you can click this link. Or, if you’ve already enrolled in the Android beta program, the new software is available as an over-the-air (OTA) software update.

As for what’s new, there is quite a bit. Google is officially rolling out support for foldable devices, which should be a welcomed addition for the likes of Samsung and Huawei (among others). There are the standard bug fixes, software enhancements, updates for APIs, and the April 2019 security patch as well.

We’re learning more about Google’s incoming Bubbles feature, too. In Android Q, Bubbles will pop-up like normal notifications when you aren’t using your phone. However, while you are using the device, Bubbles for certain apps will float over other apps, making it easier to multitask. When you don’t want to use them, they can be collapsed. Or, you can tap on them to get into app functionality.

Think Chat Heads from Facebook Messenger, allowing you to quickly jump into a conversation without opening the full app. But the app’s Bubble/icon will be floating there on your screen, too.

Google will release subsequent betas of Android Q in May and in June, before the company officially goes over the details when Google I/O 2019 roll around. As is par for the course, Android Q should launch to the public later this year.

Are you excited for Android Q?