Smart Compose in Gmail Expands Beyond Pixel 3, Now Available on More Android Devices

When Google announced the Pixel 3 lineup late last year, it also brought with it a brand new “Smart Compose” feature to Gmail.

That feature, unfortunately, was only available on the newest Google-branded smartphones. It looks like that exclusivity has come to an end, though. Android Police reports on Wednesday that the Gmail for Android team has given the green light to the feature on a broader scale. Beginning today, Smart Compose should be available for all Android users that prefer the Gmail app.

At the time of publication, the original report was able to confirm the feature is live in a Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 2, and a OnePlus 6T. That does seem to suggest the Smart Compose feature is available in more Android-based smartphones out there in the wild. On supported devices, there will be a pop-up box that will inform the user what Smart Compose is.

Once turned on, this will give the user a faster way to compose an email message by Gmail suggesting words as you go along. If you want to use one of the words, simply swipe on the word that appears to have it inserted into the line of text. If you’d prefer to use your own word, just keep on typing as you normally would.

If you want to turn off Smart Compose, you can do so within the Gmail settings. It’s turned on by default.

[via Android Police]