Samsung Shows Off the Galaxy Fold’s Folding Action

Up to this point, Samsung has been a bit off-hand when it comes to showing off the folding action of the upcoming Galaxy Fold, the company’s first foldable smartphone.

So while the company certainly showed off the handset folding and opening at its big unveiling, there weren’t any hands-on impressions of the device then. And there aren’t any now. The handset is scheduled to arrive in April, so that may start to change soon. Until then, let’s leave it up to Samsung to show off some sweet folding action of the Galaxy Fold.

The only drawback is the controlled environment Samsung is showing off. We do get to see a variety of different Galaxy Fold units opening and closing, though, and it is a bit mesmerizing in its own right.

Check out the video below.

Are you planning on buying the Galaxy Fold when it arrives next month?