Huawei P30 Pro Will Have a ‘Super-Zoom’ Camera

Cameras in smartphones are expected to be great, especially in 2019. Features aside, they should be able to take great photos.

Huawei is expecting its upcoming P30 and P30 Pro to checkmark all the right boxes, and one area is the camera. According to a report from Android Central, one of the primary new features of the upcoming P30 Pro is going to be the rear camera’s ability to “super-zoom” for that ultimate close-up. The device’s “periscope-style” zoom capabilities will make the handset capable of doing “something nobody (has done) before”.

What that means, exactly, remains a mystery. The report does indicate that the P30 Pro will have better low-light photography results, too, which should be a welcomed addition.

There are rumors swirling around that the P30 Pro could boast a 10x zoom. Compare that to the 3x zoom that was available in the P20 Pro last year, that is definitely quite the leap. And considering how important camera performance is to Huawei in general, this would certainly help the company stand out. The Galaxy S10+ is already winning over the right people, so Huawei has its work cut out for it.

Either way, we are going to find out more once March 26 rolls around. Huawei will be officially unveiling the P30 lineup on that date.

Are you looking forward to seeing more?

[via Android Central]