Samsung Galaxy S10 IP68 Water Resistant Rating Explained

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Like previous flagship Galaxy devices, the Galaxy S10 series carries an IP68 certification. This means that the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+ are all dust and water-resistant. But what exactly does the IP68 certification of these devices mean?

As per Samsung, the Galaxy S10 series IP68 certification is rated at 1.5m for up to 15 minutes.

Most people end up confusing water-resistant with waterproof. However, there is a world of difference between the two. They both are not the same and Samsung will not honor the warranty of your Galaxy S10 if there is any kind of liquid damage.

So What Does the IP68 Certification Mean?

The IP68 certification of any consumer device stands for Ingress Protection while the ’68’ denotes the level of dust and water resistance. For consumer devices, 68 is the highest level of IP protection available for dust and water-resistance respectively.

While the IP68 certification does make the Galaxy S10 series water-resistant, it is only limited to fresh water. Do not dunk your Galaxy S10 regularly in seawater or any other kind of liquid thinking it will survive. Seawater has plenty of other minerals that can harm your Galaxy S10’s internals. Similarly, do not dunk your Galaxy S10 in beer, coffee or just about any other liquid. The water-resistance capabilities are to be used as a backup in case you drop or expose your phone to any kind of liquid. It is not meant to be used for show off purposes.

It is also recommended that you do not take your Galaxy S10 swimming with you. You can use your S10 while near or in a pool but if you end up taking it too deep underwater while swimming, the water pressure might breach the rubber sealing thereby flooding the internals and damaging it permanently.

Samsung rates the IP68 certification of the Galaxy S10 to withstand being submerged in 1.5m deep water for up to 15 minutes. Any deeper or exposing your phone to water for a longer period of time would pose a risk.

Wear and Tear

The IP68 certification of your Galaxy S10 will deteriorate over time. This deterioration is not going to be a cause of concern for most people over the lifespan of the device. However, if you end up damaging the chassis of your Galaxy S10 in a major way or keep exposing it to high-pressure water on a regular basis, then there’s a high chance of the IP68 certification of the device being compromised.

If the front or the rear glass panel of the Galaxy S10 ends up getting cracked, the handset’s IP certification will be compromised. While this is unlikely to have any immediate impact, it is recommended that if your Galaxy S10’s glass panel is cracked, you should avoid dunking it in water.

As mentioned above, the IP68 certification of the Galaxy S10 is for peace of mind purposes. You can use your phone near a water body or a swimming pool without worrying about damaging it in case you drop the phone. The certification does not mean that you can use your Galaxy S10 as a GoPro alternative.

No Warranty

Despite the Galaxy S10 series featuring an IP68 certification, Samsung’s standard warranty does not cover for any kind of liquid damage. So, if you end up causing any kind of liquid damage to your Galaxy S10, do not expect Samsung to fix your phone for free. In some markets like the United States and parts of Europe, Samsung’s service center might replace your phone due to their strong consumer laws but in other parts of the world, that’s simply not going to happen.

Now that you know what the IP68 certification of the Galaxy S10 actually means, here’s hoping that you use it sensibly.