You Can Reserve the Galaxy S10 From Samsung Right Now; Ships Beginning March 8

Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S10 lineup on February 20. And while the rumor mill is going to town on revealing all the details ahead of that, Samsung is getting in on the pre-launch fun, too.

Surprisingly, Samsung will actually let you reserve “the next Galaxy” smartphone right now if you are so inclined. If you do, Samsung says you can get up to $550 off the new Galaxy S10 model of your choice, as long as you trade in an eligible smartphone. Samsung’s own website says the device you reserve will “ship by March 8th”, which is about as close to a launch date as we are going to get for now. That is, until Samsung officially announces all of the new smartphones later this month.

This isn’t technically a pre-order, though. This reservation actually qualifies you for prioritization for 72 hours after the pre-orders go live later this month. Samsung also says that “not all Galaxy device versions are eligible for this offer”,” so it’s possible that a device like the Galaxy S10e (the cheapest of the trio) might not be offered in a deal like this. Seems a safe bet that the Galaxy S10+ (the most expensive of the bunch) will be, though.

If you don’t reserve your handset in time, then you will lose your place in Samsung’s line for the new Galaxy S10.

Earlier today we saw a leaked video of the Galaxy S10+ out in the wild. The video shows off a well-designed phone, for sure, with the Infinity-O hole-punch design and slim bezels. However, it also shows that the in-display fingerprint reader won’t play kindly with most screen protectors.

As far as what’s coming down the line, the rumor mill has pointed to three different primary Galaxy S10 devices: The Galaxy S10e, which has leaked out recently as well. The standard Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+ are the top of the pyramid, each of which will be outfitted with Wi-Fi 6. But we also know Samsung has two different 5G-enabled smartphones coming down the pike. And let’s not forget the company’s upcoming foldable smartphone, which won’t be a Galaxy S10, but will definitely get plenty of attention.

So, which new Galaxy-branded smartphone are you excited about? Do you plan on reserving a new phone now?

[via Samsung]