Which Galaxy S10e Storage Capacity Should You Buy – 128GB or 256GB?

Galaxy S10e Storage Capacity Featured

Samsung pulled an Apple move this year, but not in the usual way. Samsung added new features and display to Galaxy S10 and increased the price t0 $899. To fill the gap, they’ve got a new “S10 lite” model called Galaxy S10e that sells for $749 (exact price of iPhone XR). If you think the Galaxy S10e is enough for you (or that S10 is out of budget), you’ll need to decide which S10e storage capacity you should buy. Read on for our guide below.

Which Galaxy S10e Storage Capacity Is For You?

While it’s $150 cheaper, you don’t lose out on the important stuff from the S10. The processor is the same, so is the display. You just don’t get the curved edges, the third camera on the back, and on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Capacity and Pricing?

Unlike the Galaxy S10, The S10e only comes in two storage tiers – 128GB and 256GB. The good news? There’s expandable storage so you can add up to 512GB storage space using a Micro SD card.

128GB Galaxy S10e (6GB RAM): $749

256GB Galaxy S10e (8GB RAM): $849

Who Should Buy the 128GB Model?


The base 128GB model will be enough for most users. It’s good to see Samsung increasing the base storage from 64GB to 128GB. We hope Apple and Google follow suit.

Even if you have a large music collection and you take a lot of photos for social media, the 128GB version should still be enough for you. When you run out of storage, you can easily add 256GB extra space using a Micro SD card for under $50.

Buy: Samsung EVO Micro SD card 256GB ($47.99)

Who Should Buy the 256GB Model?


If you can afford it, we would recommend spending the $100 extra for the 256GB model. Not only do you get double the storage capacity, but you also get 8GB RAM instead of 6GB. Plus, this is the top-end model of S10e. If you like to have fast, built-in storage instead of Micro SD card, this is the highest capacity you can get. Samsung reserved the 512GB tier for the S10.

If you take a lot of videos, you should go with the 256GB version. If needed, you can buy a 512GB Micro SD card for $199 later on.

Which Capacity Is Right For You?

Which storage tier did you go with? Or are you going to choose the Galaxy S10 for the larger capacity? Share with us in the comments below.