Which Color Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Should You Buy?

Galaxy S10 and S10+ Colors Featured

The Android flagship you’ve been waiting for is here. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a new design, all-screen hole punch display, and a lot more cameras. Before you decide to press the order button, there’s one thing to consider – the color. Which Galaxy S10 color is for you?

Should you go with the Black, Pearl White or Emerald Green? Or perhaps shell out more for the Ceramic Black special edition? Read on to find out.

Which Galaxy S10 Color Should You Get?

1. Prism Black


This is the classic version. And if you’ve been using Galaxy smartphones for the last couple of years, this is probably what you’ll end up buying. With this color, you get a completely black device. With the screen shut off, it looks especially cool. If you’re going to put a case on it, or a skin, going with Prism Black is the best option.

2. Prism White


If you’re tired of the array of black smartphones, go the opposite route. Over the last couple of years, it has become quite fashionable to sport white smartphones. Right from the iPhone X to the Pixel, White or Silver color smartphones are getting more popular.

S10’s Prism White is not a pure white color. Its a mix between silver and white. And because of the glass back, the color is quite reflective as well. It will look different at different angles (you’ll see hues of pink and blue depending on the angle).

3. Prism Green


This is the new flagship Galaxy S10 color. And the phone looks absolutely gorgeous in the Prism Green color. While it might feel like a feminine color at first, it’s quite bold from some angles as well.

The best thing is that this color stands out. Recently, manufacturers have been experimenting with different colors. Even the new iPhone XR comes in Yellow and Coral colors. Huawei adds a gradient effect on their phones. But no other phone has attempted a bold green color for their flagship smartphone yet. If you want to stand out from the crowd, the Emerald Green color is the right option for you!

4. Prism Blue


The Prism Blue on the new Galaxy S10 is quite flashy. It is a bolder, brighter version of the blue color found on Galaxy S9. The frame is also painted with a baby-blue color so the whole device has a blue aesthetic.

Just like the Prism Green, Prism Blue is a color designed to make you stand out in the sea of boring colors. If you want something exciting but Green isn’t really your thing, go with Prism Blue. It’s both classy and funky at the same time.

5. Canary Yellow


This is the most attention-grabbing color that S10 has in the line-up. And it’s quite a bright Yellow. It’s even brighter than iPhone XR’s color. Because it’s not a subtle yellow, this color option is not for everyone. And it looks different in pictures than it does in real life. We would suggest you take a look at the yellow color in person (or watch a couple of YouTube videos) before picking this one.

But a color like Yellow is gut-instinct. If you want a Yellow phone, you just know it. Just remember that S10’s yellow color is quite bright.

6. Flamingo Pink

Galaxy S10 Flamingo Pink

Just like the Canary Yellow, Flamingo Pink is a bright variant of Pink. If you thought it would be similar to iPhone’s Rose Gold finish because of the name, take another look. The Flamingo Pink borders on an orange color, a bright one at that.

7. Special Edition: Ceramic Black and White


Only available for the 512 GB version of Galaxy S10+ are two new ceramic colors. This is the first time Samsung has tried out a ceramic back on a flagship phone. If you’re keen on the feel of Ceramic, or if you just want to sturdiness, go for it. The ceramic version is available in Black and White colors.

The differences between the Ceramic and Glass back versions are minor. The Ceramic Black looks like an upgraded version of Prism Black but it’s still the standard black color you’ve come to expect over the years from Samsung. The same goes for White. The major difference is that the colors look more solid and uniform because the glass back has been replaced by Ceramic. They’re not nearly as reflective.

Your Favorite Color

What is your favorite color for the new Galaxy S10 and S10+? Share with us in the comments below.