Samsung’s New Truly Wireless Galaxy Buds Revealed in New Image

Samsung is going to announce a new series of smartphones later this month, and it may also reveal new truly wireless headphones as well.

According to an image shared on Wednesday by WinFuture, Samsung is going to announce new “Galaxy Buds” soon. The truly wireless headphones are sitting in their charging case, and, if you look closely, you can see that the green charging lights are on. There have been rumors that Samsung’s new wireless headphones would support wireless charging in the case, and it looks like that will be the case.

However, the most important detail from the image is the apparent confirmation that the Galaxy S10 itself will be able to wirelessly charge the Galaxy Buds headphones. The fact that the case, which will support wireless charging, is sitting on what appears to be the back of the Galaxy S10 and charging at the same time is not a coincidence if the rumors are true.

The “PowerShare” feature will allow some, or all, of the Galaxy S10 variants to wirelessly charge other devices that also support wireless charging.

The Galaxy Buds are a departure in title from the company’s previous truly wireless earbuds. Those were called the “Gear Icon X”, so it appears that Samsung is moving away from the “Gear” branding for its accessory lines, and opting (finally) to go all-in with the Galaxy branding.

If these truly wireless Galaxy Buds are real, then we only have to wait until February 20 to see them.

[via WinFuture]

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