Samsung’s First Foldable Phone Hinted at in Unpacked Teaser Video

Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S10 lineup on February 20, and we will likely see its first foldable smartphone at the same time.

Ahead of that big unveiling, a teaser video for the Unpacked event itself has found its way online. It was published by Samsung Vietnam by accident and quickly removed. However, at least at the time of publication, you can watch it below. It’s a minute in length and shows different Samsung-branded products, but this is definitely a teaser video insofar that we’re dealing with many devices far into the future.

Which is not inherently bad, as it does show how real-world devices like our smartphones, can still play a key role in a future where the windows in our houses are showing us cartoons. Plus, near the end of the video we can see what is clearly a foldable device being opened up. There’s a touchscreen on the outside, and then one on the inside as well.

Unfortunately that’s all we get to see in this video. It’s a quick glimpse of what is probably going to be a very exciting handset when it launches later this year. Are you excited about Samsung’s future foldable phone?

[via XDA]