Poco F1: How to Install Modded Google Camera with Night Sight

Poco F1 Camera

The Poco F1 a.k.a the Pocophone F1 has managed to create quite a stir in the smartphone market with its insane value for money ratio. For around $300, the phone delivers outstanding performance and battery life that rivals other flagship smartphones. It also has a decent camera, though it can be improved even further by using a modded GCam (Google Camera APK).

Over the last year or so, modded Google Camera APKs have become a hot favorite in the Android community. That’s because using a modded GCam APK on any compatible device gives a massive boost to its camera quality. This is true for the Poco F1 as well which already comes with an impressive camera hardware. Coupled with Google’s magical image processing thanks to the modded GCam APK, the phone’s camera performance punches above its weight.

Apart from Google’s impressive HDR+ algorithm, the modded GCam APK also brings the impressive Night Sight mode as seen on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 to the Poco F1. Sure, the end results are not as impressive as the Pixel 3 but it is still a notable step up from what the stock camera app on the Poco F1 can manage.

The best thing about installing the modded GCam APK on the Poco F1 is that it is a relatively straightforward process and does not require one to root or unlock the bootloader of their phone. Tempted? Follow the steps below to know how you can install the modded Google Camera APK on your Pocophone/Poco F1.

Install Google Camera APK with Night Sight on Poco F1

Step 1: Download this modded GCam APK on your Poco F1. Make sure that you are running MIUI 10.2.2 or higher on your device. Otherwise, the app will not work properly.

Apart from EIS while recording videos, almost all other camera features will work just fine on this modded GCam APK. This includes Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, HDR+, Portrait mode, and more.

Step 2: Proceed to use the built-in file manager or the one of your choice to install the modded GCam APK on your Pocophone/Poco F1. You might be required to grant the necessary permissions to the file manager before it will allow you to sideload the APK.

Step 3: Once installed, open the Google Camera app. You will have to grant the app with all the necessary permissions before you can start using it.

Poco F1: Stock MIUI Camera App
Poco F1: Google Camera Camera App

That’s about it! You can now start using the Google Camera app on your Pocophone/Poco F1 to click some amazing pictures. When compared to the stock MIUI camera app, pictures taken from the Google Camera app have better dynamic range, lower noise levels, and more details. Portrait photos taken from the Poco F1 also turn out to be better using the Google Camera app when compared to Xiaomi’s default camera app. And best of all, the portrait mode works for the rear as well as the front camera.

You can always download the latest modded GCam APK for the Poco F1 over at this XDA thread.

If you are facing any issues while installing or using Google Camera APK on your Pocophone or Poco F1, drop a comment and we will help you out.