Huawei P30 Will Be Unveiled on March 26th in Paris

P20 Pro

Huawei today announced that it will be unveiling its next flagship handset — the P30 series — on March 26th in Paris. While Huawei is holding a media event at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, it looks like it will be using that event to only unveil its foldable smartphone and a smartphone with 5G connectivity.

Huawei had previously unveiled its flagship P20 series in 2018 at an event in Paris itself. With Huawei gaining ground in the European smartphone market, the company holds the launch event of its flagship devices in key cities to further attract consumer attention.

A March 26th unveiling date means the P30 series will only hit the retail stores in April. This means it will be late to the market by almost a month when compared to the Galaxy S10 series which is expected to hit the stores in early March itself. That’s a delay that might prove expensive to Huawei.

The P20 series did extremely well in the European smartphone market and expectations from the P30 series are pretty high as well. The flagship P30 Pro is expected to come with an improved triple-camera setup, a 7nm Kirin 980 or 985 chipset, 6/8GB RAM, and oodles of storage. There are rumors of the entire P30 series featuring an FHD+ OLED panel, though this remains to be seen.

Like other companies, Huawei is also expected to unveil a 5G variant of the P30.