Does the Galaxy M20 Support Quick Charging?

Galaxy M20

After years of launching budget phones with underwhelming specs and features, Samsung finally has a winner with the Galaxy M20. The phone is packed to the brim with features which include a massive 5,000mAh battery, a decent dual-camera setup, USB-C connectivity, and more. What about fast/quick charging though? 

With a 5,000mAh battery, the Galaxy M20 offers stellar battery life. But great battery life is just one part of the equation. Without fast charging support, topping a 5,000mAh battery would take ages. Thankfully, Samsung was smart enough to offer fast/quick charging on the Galaxy M20. The phone supports 15W fast charging over USB-C and what’s even better is that Samsung bundles a 15W charger with the M20.

This is a big deal since it is very rare to see budget Android smartphones under the 15k segment in India to offer fast charging and ship with a fast charger as well. Most phones that feature fast charging do not ship with a compatible fast charger or they lack fast charging altogether.

For comparison, Xiaomi’s massively popular Redmi Note 6 Pro only ships with a 10W charger despite the device supporting Quick Charge 3.0. Its the same story with the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 which supports Quick Charging but it comes with a regular 10W charger.

While a big battery ensures the Galaxy M20 can easily last two days of heavy use, the addition of 15W quick/fast charging means the phone can charge from 0-80 percent in relatively quick time.