The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Features

After plenty of leaks over the last couple of weeks, Samsung has gone ahead and unveiled its flagship Galaxy S10 lineup. The lineup is a major upgrade in almost every department to improve every key aspect of the devices. With so many features though, what areĀ the bestĀ features of the Galaxy S10 series?

Given the sheer number of features the Galaxy S10 series comes with, it is not surprising that many people would get overwhelmed by it. However, among all the features that the phones pack, 5 of them stand out. What are they? Read below to find out.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Top Features

#5 Wireless PowerShare

The Galaxy S10 series comes with reverse wireless charging meaning you can use the phone to charge other devices wirelessly. While you might be tempted to dismiss this feature as a gimmick, it is actually pretty useful if used right.

The feature is not meant to charge other smartphones wirelessly. Instead, it is meant to charge Bluetooth accessories like the Galaxy buds, Galaxy Watch, and other similar wearables. These devices can be charged from 0 to 50-60 percent using reverse wireless charging without the battery life of your Galaxy S10 taking a massive hit.

What’s even more impressive is that one can charge the Galaxy S10 and use reverse wireless charging to charge another device at the same time.

#4 Faster Wireless Charging

Samsung has improved the wireless charging speeds on the Galaxy S10 series. While the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 charged at 10W wirelessly, Samsung has improved it marginally to 12W. That’s a modest improvement but any improvement to wireless charging speeds is always welcome.

#3 Super Slow-Mo

Now, this is a feature that Samsung first debuted on the Galaxy S9. While other phones can record slow-motion videos at 240fps, the Galaxy S9 was capable of recording them at 960fps. The only catch was that the resolution was limited to 480p in manual mode and 720p in automatic mode. Worse, the actual slow-mo recording time was a mere 0.2 – 0.4 seconds.

Thanks to the more powerful chipset inside the Galaxy S10, Samsung has improved this feature. The handset can record Super Slow-mo videos for up to 0.8 seconds and in Full HD resolution.

The automatic mode will see the Super Slow-mo time increase to 0.4 seconds and the resolution being bumped to Full HD. Under manual mode, the recording time will increase to 0.8 seconds, though the video will be shot at 480fps and then enhanced using software to 960fps.

#2 HDR10 Video Recording

The Galaxy S10 is a multimedia powerhouse. The triple-camera setup at the rear making it an imaging powerhouse but that’s not all. The handsets are also capable of recording HDR10+ videos. That’s impressive as it will allow the Galaxy S10 to record videos with better colors, contrast, and details.

There’s also new Super Smooth video stabilization which promises shake-free videos.

#1 Faster LTE

The Galaxy S10 series features Cat 20 LTE support which means they support a maximum theoretical download speed of 2Gbps. That’s 0.8Gbps more than the Galaxy S9 and twice of what the iPhone XS series offers.

Now, these devices are unlikely to reach that speed in real life but they should still offer faster mobile data speeds when compared to other devices in the market. Faster mobile data speeds might not seem like much but they can have a major impact in daily use.

What are some of your favorite Galaxy S10 features? Drop a comment below and let us know!