Google Assistant Will be Able to Automatically Add Punctuation Soon

When you use voice-to-text to compose a message, you’ve probably (hopefully?) run into the need to voice your commas, periods, and other important punctuation points.

But it sounds like Google Assistant is here to help with all of that. As long as it works, you’ll no longer need to say something like, “period” or “comma” to avoid those run-on sentences. According to the original report, Google’s digital personal assistant will be able to discern when to automatically add punctuation based on voice inflection and pauses as you speak naturally.

For Android users it will be as simple as calling up Assistant and dictating your message. For iOS users, though, you’ll need to open up the Assistant app to make it work.

Can Google pull this off? One can certainly hope. Some people might not worry about this sort of thing and so automatic punctuation input won’t matter. But for those who prefer to have some punctuation in their texts, and find themselves using voice-to-text quite a bit, this might be a welcomed addition.

[via The Verge]