Nokia 7.1/8.1: How to Lock Apps Using Fingerprint Scanner

Nokia 8.1 App Lock

The Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 8.1 are excellent mid-range Android One devices from HMD Global-owned Nokia. Since they are Android One certified phones, they run a stock build of Android 9.0 Pie which means they don’t offer any extra frills like being able to natively lock apps using the fingerprint scanner.

Not being able to natively lock and protect apps using the fingerprint scanner is a major bummer for many since people prefer to lock apps nowadays for privacy concerns. While the Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 8.1 might not offer a native app locking feature, one can always use a third-party app to gain the same functionality. Follow the guide below to know how.

Nokia 7.1/8.1: How to Lock Apps Using Fingerprint Scanner

Now that you know that Android Pie doesn’t offer any native app lock feature, we will have to use a third-party app on Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 8.1.  There is this popular app which we have used many times — AppLock — which allows one to lock apps using the fingerprint scanner, pattern, and password. You can also customize your experience using the inbuilt options.

Before we go ahead, follow these steps.

  • Register one more fingerprint in the Nokia 7/8.
  • Install AppLock from PlayStore.

Step 1: Launch AppLock and follow the initial instructions. You will have to set up a pattern and add an email id. While the former can be different from pattern lock for your phone, the latter will be useful when you forget the App lock pattern.

Step 2: Post configuration, the app will offer you a list of applications and Andriod settings you can lock. Tap on one of the apps and you will be prompted to grant it a ‘Permit usage’ permission option. AppLock will need this permission to make sure it works as expected.

AppLock on Nokia 8.1

Once done, you will be back to the list of apps you can lock. Select the apps and system settings you’d like to lock.

Step 3: In the app, you have two tabs. Privacy & Protect. Switch to Protect tab and you have the following options:

  • Turn on the toggle for the Fingerprint Lock
  • Under the general tab:
    • Turn on the toggle for “Allow a brief exit”. You can then choose anytime between 0 seconds to 5 minutes to until the screen is locked.
    • Do the same for “Re-lock after screen on”. This will make sure that all unlocked applications will be locked when you lock the phone.
  • Now try launching the applications.
App Lock on Nokia 7.1

Step 4:  When you launch any locked application, you will be blocked from opening it by AppLock. You will have to either enter the pattern lock or use the registered fingerprint to unlock it.

You will notice a fingerprint icon on the top left of the “protect screen”. When you use a registered fingerprint, it will be green in color otherwise it will show up as red.

Running into issues while trying to lock apps on your Nokia 7.1 or Nokia 8.1? Drop a comment and we will help you out.