Google Reportedly Shutting Allo Down, Too [Update: Confirmed]

Google Allo

Remember Google Allo? This was meant to be Google’s next big step in Android messaging, aiming to take on Apple’s iMessage and serving as the perfect replacement for the aging Hangouts.

But it doesn’t look like Allo really took off at all, which Google may have had a hand in considering it has since launched Android Messages and has been bringing over Allo features to that platform since its inception. It turns out that may be design, at least according to a report on Wednesday from 9to5Google.

Google is reportedly working on shutting down Allo for good, and may make an announcement soon in that regard. However, the official word could be delayed a bit, too, so we may be waiting a bit longer to hear anything from Google about the fate of Allo.

The service has been essentially left in the dark for quite a while now, and, as mentioned above, the Android Messages app has been working quite well for Google ever since it launched. This report states that the Allo team has actually moved over to Android Messages, and the fact that those Allo features have made it over to that service is not a coincidence at all.

Google is also still working on its RCS “Chat” app, too, so Google will still have two primary forms of communication for Android moving forward. The company, on top of shutting down Allo, is also said to be winding down Hangouts for consumers, planning on shutting down that service in 2020.

Update: Well, that did not take long. Google has confirmed in a new blog post that it will be shutting down Allo in March 2019. It has provided existing Allo users with steps on how they can export their conversation history.

[via 9to5Google]