Google Assistant Adds Australian- and British-Accented Voices

If you want to change up the way the Google Assistant sounds on a daily basis, Google has a couple of important additions to show off.

Google has added two new accents to the roster for Google Assistant voice playback. Now the digital personal assistant can respond to your queries and commands in a British- or Australian-accented voice. The new options are called “Sydney Harbour Blue” and “British Racing Green”, and both can be found in the Settings app:

“To try out these new voices on your Assistant, navigate to “Settings” on your phone, tap on the “Assistant” tab, and select “Assistant voice.” You’ll now see two new voices that you can select, either “Sydney Harbour Blue” for the Australian voice, or “British Racing Green” for the British voice.”

The new voice options are available now for U.S. English speakers, and you can hear a brief snippet of how they sound in the video below:

The options should be available now, so give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via Google Blog]