Project Fi Offering $799 Service Credit for Buying Two Pixel 3 Phones

Google Project Fi app icon

Google’s Project Fi service is hoping you’ll take a look at a brand new promotion for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, which sees a hefty service credit for group members.

Announced today, and going live as well today, is a promotion that sees Google’s Project Fi offering a $799 service credit for someone who buys two Pixel 3 smartphones. You can mix and match if you want, or go with two Pixel 3 XL units if you want. Whichever option you go with, you’ll still get the $799 service credit, so it won’t go up even if you go with the more expensive and bigger handset.

The promotion went live today at midnight, and Project Fi says it will be available until Thursday, November 22, at 10:00pm PT.

Here are the details to be aware of:

“A new user can start a group plan, or a current user can add a new Fi subscriber to their Fi group plan to qualify for this promotion. One of the devices must be activated by the group plan member who is a new Project Fi subscriber as of 11/16/18 12:00 AM PT. The group plan member who is a new Project Fi subscriber must transfer (port-in) their current personal number over to Project Fi during sign up. The number being transferred must be currently active and have been active with the previous carrier and the subscriber since 9/16/18 12:00 AM PT.”

The new service has to be full-service, too, so no data-only. You’ll need to activate that new device within 30 days of shipping, and it has to stay active for 60 days at the very least within 90 days of shipment. Once all of the parameters are met, Google says the service credit will roll out:

“Afterwards, a service credit will be applied to the purchaser’s Fi account. Customers will receive an email notifying them of the service credit after all terms and conditions have been satisfied, and the credit will be applied to the customer’s subsequent bills 75 – 90 days after activation.”

This seems like a nice deal, especially for someone who plans on getting into a group plan on Project Fi and wants a couple of Pixel 3 handsets on there. Who’s going for it?

[via Project Fi]