Google is Already Planning for Android to Natively Support ‘Foldables’

Later today, Samsung is going to announce its first foldable smartphone. The design choice is already expected to be a major shift in the smartphone market starting next year.

But a major design change for smartphones could lead to some proper issues for the most popular mobile operating system on the planet, and lead to even more issues with fragmentation. But Google wants to get ahead of the problem, just like it did with the notch design choice that is all over the place right now. Today, during the Android Developer Summit, Vice President of Engineering at Google, Dave Burke, confirmed that Google is already making preparations to support what it’s calling “foldables”, or foldable smartphones.

That will start with what’s already available for developers. The “screen continuity” API that’s already built into Android allows for devices to register when the screen’s size has changed and adjust accordingly. That makes sense, because that is essentially what is happening as the screen folds, moving from one size to another.

What comes next, however, remains to be seen. But this is a good start. Avoiding even more fragmentation is a major focal point for Google and the Android teams, so getting ahead of the curve for foldable smartphones is one way to help that.

Samsung will debut its first foldable smartphone at its keynote for its developers conference later today, so we’ll see what the company has in store for us, and the smartphone market as a whole, pretty soon. And we can’t forget about LG, either, which will reportedly be showing off its first foldable smartphone during CES in early January of next year.

[via The Verge]