Digital Wellbeing Exits Beta, Now Available to All Pixel Phones

If you have been waiting for the Digital Wellbeing feature in Android 9 Pie to get out of beta before trying it out, now’s the time.

It has been confirmed that Digital Wellbeing, Google’s effort to help Android users monitor their device and app usage times, is now out of the beta program it launched in. As a result, the feature is available now for all Pixel smartphones, as well as Android One phones out there. If you already have the beta installed on your device, it will upgrade automatically. If you don’t, there is a link down below to download and install it.

Digital Wellbeing is an effort to help keep tabs on app and device usage. There are features to set limits on apps, reduce notifications, and more. There are graphs and other visuals that will articulate a clear picture of time spent unlocking your phone, and how many notifications you get on a daily basis.

Digital Wellbeing is free and certainly a worthwhile addition to Android.

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