Best OnePlus 6T Cases

Best OnePlus 6T Cases

Recently, OnePlus launched its latest flagship device, the OnePlus 6T. Just like the OnePlus 6 before it, the OnePlus 6T features a glass body and aluminum chassis which makes the device slippery to handle. The glass body makes it necessary to use a case or one risks cracking the glass panels if the phone falls. So, here are some of our recommendations for the best OnePlus 6T cases out there.

OnePlus itself sells a variety of cases for the OnePlus 6T which makes up for the lack of third-party cases for it. In fact, the company bundles a TPU case with the OnePlus 6T as well which offers adequate protection, though it is not going to win any awards in the design department. So, if you are looking to buy a case for your OnePlus 6T, check out some of our recommendations below.

Best OnePlus 6T Cases

OnePlus Protective Case

OnePlus 6T Sandstone Protective Case

The protective cases from OnePlus offer great overall protection without bulking up the device too much. There are two types of protective cases, Karbon and Sandstone. The Karbon case is made from Kevlar material and is flexible and lightweight. The case provides enhanced shock, temperature, and corrosion resistance. The case has cutouts for buttons and USB ports. This case provides durability without bulking up the device much.

The Sandstone case is made from polycarbonate material and features OnePlus’ signature sandstone finish at the rear which is known for its textured grip. This case bulks up the device slightly but provides adequate protection to make up for it. Cutouts for buttons and ports are also present. With this case, one thing is for sure, your 6T will rarely slip from your hand.

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OnePlus Bumper Case

OnePlus 6T Bumper Case

The bumper cases from OnePlus are highly durable in nature. The bumper cases come in three styles: Nylon, Karbon and Elite Ebony. These bumper cases have no cutouts for volume and power button.  The Nylon case is made from Nylon+PC+TPU material. The nylon material with its woven texture provides a comfortable grip and discrete appearance. The case offers protection against dirt and fingerprint. The nylon case is the bulkiest of the three but is also durable with a unique feel to it.

The Elite Ebony case is made from Ebony+TPU material. Just like the nylon case, this case offers a unique look and feel because of the use of genuine wood at the rear. The Karbon case uses Kevlar material and is flexible and light just like its protective case sibling. Both these cases are less bulky than its nylon counterpart without compromising on protection.

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OnePlus Flip Cover

OnePlus 6T Flip Cover

The flip cover is made from PU leather and PC material. This is a premium case from OnePlus. Opening the cover wakes the device and closing the cover locks and puts the device to sleep. There’s space to keep one or two ID cards at the very maximum.

While bulky, the case is perfect for high-profile executives who want to protect their OnePlus 6T from every possible angle and scenario possible.

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor

OnePlus 6T Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen offers Liquid Air Armor case for OnePlus 6T. It uses flexible TPU material and has an anti-slip matte back surface which resists fingerprint and oil. It also has superior drop protection thanks to Air Cushion Technology. The case also has cutouts for buttons and ports. Overall, this case provides fingerprint resistance, better grip, and drop protection while also being flexible and lightweight.

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OnePlus 6T Kugi

The KuGi case is made from silicone which makes it flexible and allows it to provide good grip. It is certified to offer ‘3Mil-Grade Protection’. While the case offers adequate protection, it does lack a premium feeling that you would get with the official OnePlus cases.

The back of the case is scratch resistant and has a textured design to repel fingerprint and superior grip. It is also among the very few cases to feature a lanyard hole.

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Tudi OnePlus 6T Case

Tudia offers a dual-layered case made from PC and TPU materials for the OnePlus 6T. The dual-layer design provides great drop protection which combined with the raised edges at the front protects the 6T’s display in case of a drop or when kept face down. The back cover is dust and fingerprint resistant. The case will, however, make your phone slightly bulky. It is also among the very few cases for the OnePlus 6T to come in rose gold color which might appeal to some people.

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What are some of your favorite cases for the OnePlus 6T? Drop a comment and let us know!