Razer Phone 2 Will Feature a Light-Up Back Logo and Wireless Charging

Razer Phone 2 will have a back logo that lights up

We know that the Razer Phone 2 is going to be announced soon, and the handset will look quite a bit like the first generation of the device. But Razer will be making some important changes for this year’s model.

According to an Amazon Italy listing for the upcoming handset, which was first discovered by GSMArena on Wednesday, revealed several of the incoming handset’s new additions. That includes a back-lit rear logo. What’s more, that logo will be RGB customizable, just as Razer has made famous with its lineup of keyboards over the years. That means Razer Phone 2 owners will be able to change the color of their back logo as they see fit.

Razer is also adding wireless charging to the Razer Phone 2, which isn’t too surprising at all. The back of the handset will be glass to facilitate this change, and the device will be IP67-rated for water- and dust-resistance. The display will measure in at 5.7 inches, and feature refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Finally, the listing revealed the handset will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of built-in storage.

We should know more about the Razer Phone 2 soon. What do you think of that light-up rear logo?

[via GSMArena]