Razer Phone 2 Now Certified to Work on Verizon

Razer Phone 2 features a Chroma back logo

A couple of days ago, Razer said that it was aware its newest flagship smartphone, the $799 Razer Phone 2, which was marketed as working on Verizon’s network, was not, in fact, working on Verizon’s network.

Two days later and it looks like things are changing. Verizon on Thursday confirmed that the Razer Phone 2 is now officially certified for the big red network. That’s the last required step before the gaming handset will work on the network, so folks who were running into issues last night should be good-to-go today.

Per Verizon’s confirmation today:

“Finally, Verizon has certified the Razer Phone 2 on the nation’s most reliable network. This badass new gaming phone will be available at Best Buy tomorrow for BYOD activation on Verizon.”

As noted by the carrier, the handset goes on sale at Best Buy on Friday, October 26. It will retail for $799 when sales do open up at the big box retailer. And, good news, the expensive smartphone will work on the largest wireless network in the U.S.!

Who’s picking up, or has already purchased, the Razer Phone 2?