Google’s New Pixel Slate is a ChromeOS Tablet Built for Work and Play

While Android may not have taken off in the tablet market, Google’s other effort, ChromeOS, seems to be what the company needed to get things going.

With a huge push in the right direction with the brand new Pixel Slate, which Google just unveiled at its event on Tuesday. The Midnight Blue tablet features ChromeOS on board, so it isn’t running Android. It features 6 million pixels in the 12.3-inch display, or 293 pixels per inch. It has a custom display, which efficiently lights up a “massive number of pixels” in real-time. The Pixel Slate’s speakers are on the front of the device, with custom audio algorithms to work on better highs and lows.

Google is throwing in YouTube TV for three months if you buy a new Pixel Slate (or the older Pixelbook).

There is an eight-megapixel camera on the front and on the back, with the front-facing camera boasting a wide-angle lens for wider selfies. The device also features Google’s portrait mode to blur the background of some captured images for that bokeh effect.

Pixel Slate will automatically suggest apps you might want to use at the top of the display, and the device supports multitasking with split-screen support. Google Assistant is built right into ChromeOS, which means it can dictate an email, play a show, or check up on other items.

Family Link lets owners set rules for when devices are used, along with other rules. Do Not Disturb is baked in as well. Virus protection is built-in and OS updates happen in the background. Pixel Slate also includes Google’s Titan security chip for extra security. The power button is also a fingerprint reader.

It also offers support for a stylus.

The Pixel Slate keyboard is an attachable keyboard via a dedicated connector, no charging or pairing needed. It’s a full-sized, back-lit keyboard with rounded keys. The trackpad is full-sized as well. It offers an adjustable back, so owners can choose the angle they want to work on. And it also serves as a case when the keyboard folio is closed.

G Suite is included, including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides for productivity apps.

There are several configurations starting at $599. The keyboard is $199. The Pixelbook Pen is $99. All three are available later this year from the Google Store and in major retailers.