Samsung and Google Partner to Ensure RCS Messaging Works between Their Messaging Apps

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - front view

Samsung and Google are collaborating to offer an enhanced messaging experience across flagship Samsung devices released in the last two years. The partnership will ensure that Google and Samsung work together to ensure that Samsung Messages supports RCS (Rich Communication Services) and that there are no compatibility issues between Android Messages and Samsung Messages.

Google is using RCS to create an iMessage competitor called Google Chat. While RCS relies on a traditional SMS client, it features typing indicators, ability to share photos and videos across platforms, create rich group chats, chat over Wi-Fi, and more. As much as it is important for Samsung Messages to support RCS, it is also important that the technology is supported by your network operator. Until and unless network operators across the globe get around to adding RCS support, an RCS-compatible client like Android Messages or Samsung Messages will not be of much use.

“We’ve been working with the mobile industry to upgrade the messaging experience on Android with RCS,” said Anil Sabharwal, Vice President for Communications Products and Photos at Google. “Samsung has been a major contributor to this initiative, and our partnership will further advance our shared vision of a substantially improved messaging experience on Android for users, brands and the broader Android ecosystem.”

As a part of this collaboration, Samsung will be adding RCS support to Samsung Messages on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8, Note 9, and selected Galaxy A and J series of devices. However, this support will only be added to these handsets as a part of their Android 9.0 Pie update which can take a few months depending on the device in question.

[Via Samsung]