Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Teardown Shows Improved Cooling System; Modular Internals

Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 last week, it highlighted the fact that it came with a water carbon cooling system. The Korean company did not provide any details about the cooling system though as to how it was better than the cooling system on Galaxy S9 or Note 8.

A teardown of the Note 9 from Russian site Hi-tech shows that the handset features a significantly beefier heat pipe compared to that of the Note 8. The heat pipe of the Note 9 is almost three times thicker than on the Note 8. This will ensure that the Note 9 is able to sustain its peak performance for a longer period of time compared to previous Samsung flagships.

Galaxy Note 9 heat pipe cooler

Apart from the beefier cooling system, the teardown shows that Samsung has made some changes to the internal layout of the Note 9 for improved repairability.

Galaxy Note 9 teardown

The charging port of the Note 9 is modular in nature which means it can be replaced independently of the motherboard. The Note 9 also features a larger earpiece grille which should allow for clearer and louder call volumes.

The internal speaker on the Note 9 is also larger which should allow for louder and improved sound quality.

Additionally, the S Pen slot on the Note 9 holds the stylus more tightly when compared to the Note 8. The teardown images show that while the Note 9 might look similar to the Note 8 from outside as well as inside, there are some modest changes here and there for improved repairability. This is largely due to the 4,000mAh battery which takes up a significant amount of internal space.

[Via Hi-tech]