How to Get the Galaxy Skin in Fortnite for Android

How to Get the Galaxy Skin in Fortnite for Android

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 earlier this month, it also announced that Fortnite for Android was going to be exclusive to certain Samsung devices for a short period of time. While the game is now available for a majority of flagship Android devices, there’s one benefit that Note 9 still get: an exclusive Galaxy Outfit.

Irrespective of which Galaxy Note 9 you buy or pre-order package you picked, any Note 9 owner will get a free Galaxy Outfit in Fortnite for Android. Wondering how to claim the skin? Read below.

The Galaxy Outfit will also be available for Galaxy Tab S4 owners. It is important to note that you can only redeem one Galaxy Outfit per device.

How to Get Galaxy Skin in Fortnite for Android on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Tab S4

Step 1: On your Galaxy Note 9, head over to the Galaxy Apps store and download the Fortnite installer. Open the installer and proceed to download the game.

Fortnite Instaler

Step 2: When you first open Fortnite, it will again download some game files totaling nearly 2GB in size so make sure you have access to a speedy internet connection during the process.

Step 3: With the game finally downloaded, you should be greeted with a screen to log in and start playing Fortnite. You can log in using either your Epic, Google, Facebook, or Xbox account.

Step 4: Proceed to play a few rounds of the game. At the very minimum, you need to play 3-4 rounds of Fortnite on your Galaxy Note 9. Once done, you will have to wait for anywhere between a few hours to up to a couple of days to get the Galaxy Outfit in Fortnite.

Fortnite Galaxy skin

If you manage to get the Galaxy Outfit in Fortnite for Android by following the above steps on your Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4, drop a comment and let us know.