Fortnite Mobile for Android Gameplay Video Leaks

Fortnite Mobile for Android Gameplay Video Leaks

Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 later today. Among other things, Samsung will likely announce that Fortnite is going to exclusively come pre-loaded on the Note 9 for a short period of time. Now, a video has surfaced online which gives us a look at the gameplay of Fortnite for Android.

The folks over at XDA managed to get their hands on the Fortnite Mobile APK and after a group effort managed to get the game up and running on the Galaxy S9+. Since the handset supports Vulkan API and features a beefy GPU, it was able to run Fortnite Mobile on “Epic” graphics quality. Epic Games will provide plenty of options to play around with in terms of graphics settings in Fortnite for Android.

Additionally, the video also confirms that the game will be available on the Galaxy Apps store thereby also confirming that it will remain exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 and perhaps the Galaxy S9 for a short period of time.

The accompanying screenshots also confirm that Fortnite will not run on a rooted Android device. The game does a SafetyNet check when it is first launched failing which it will hit a roadblock. However, if you use Magisk, you should be able to bypass this SafetyNet check and play Fortnite on your rooted Android device.

Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Note 9 in just a few hours from now which is when we will get to hear more about Fortnite for Android as well. Epic Games has already confirmed that it will not be releasing Fortnite on Google Play. Instead, it will make the game available through its own Epic Installer.