Android 9.0 Pie Update Breaks Fast Charging on 2016 Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL - rear view

The Android 9.0 Pie has broken the fast charging functionality on the original Pixel XL. There are numerous reports from original Pixel XL owners on various online forums about fast charging being broken on their device.

While some are complaining that their Pixel XL has stopped fast charging completely with all chargers, others say that their device fast charges with Google’s own USB-C charger but third-party chargers are failing to do so.

When charged with the stock USB-C charger, the original Pixel XL shows fast charging, though its charging times are noticeably slower than what it was before the Pie update. The issue does not seem to affect Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL owners.

Certain original Pixel owners have also reported about fast charging not working on their handset post the Android Pie update, but the reports are not as widespread as XL owners.

The original report on the Google Issue Tracker was closed by Google and marked as “Won’t fix,” though given that the original Pixel XL has had fast charging issues after almost every major update.

The Pixel XL already fast charges slower than the smaller Pixel and now the complete lack of fast charging on the bigger Pixel post the Pie update is definitely going to disappoint many.

It is likely that we will see Google fix this issue with an upcoming security patch or a bug fixing update in a few weeks.

[Via Android Police]