Samsung Galaxy S9 Can Now Record Super Slow-Mo Videos at 480fps for 0.4s

Galaxy S9 - back

When Samsung first unveiled the Galaxy S9, it highlighted the super slow-mo video recording capabilities of the handset. However, the super slow-mo mode was limited to recording videos for a mere 0.2 seconds at 960fps.

Now, with the July security update for the Galaxy S9, Samsung has added the option to record super slow-mo videos at 480fps for 0.4 seconds. While this might not seem like much, remember that we are talking about slow-motion videos here so even a 0.4-second clip is going to be relatively big when played back at normal speed.

Anyways, on the Galaxy S9, this new super slow-mo option is available only when one records videos in manual mode. This means that you will have to time the moment you press the record button with the action otherwise you might just fail to capture the action properly. When in auto mode, super slow-mo videos on the Galaxy S9 will continue to be recorded at 960fps for 0.2 seconds. However, in auto mode, the camera app determines when the action is about to happen and starts the recording automatically.

Galaxy S9 Super Slow Mo

Our Take

Interestingly, Samsung’s offering falls short of the OnePlus 6 which is capable of recording 480fps super slow-mo videos for up to a minute. There’s no auto mode on the OnePlus 6 but since the phone can record slow-mo videos for up to a minute, there’s plenty of headroom. Despite the superior imaging hardware, Samsung’s revised implementation falls short of OnePlus here.

As for the update, well the new super slow-mo mode has only been rolled out for Galaxy S9 units in Korea. A wider rollout should start next month across the globe with unlocked units getting it first.