Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Note 9 Teasers Highlight Battery Life, Storage, and Performance

Ahead of the Galaxy Note 9 unveiling on August 9th, Samsung has released a new teaser for the handset highlighting its potentially impressive battery life.

At one point, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series were known for their outstanding battery life. However, post the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung took a safer approach which led to the battery life of the device tanking. With the Note 9 though, Samsung is keen to ensure that the handset once again is crowned as the battery life champ which is why rumors point to the device coming with a massive 4,000mAh battery.

A 4,000mAh battery should mean the Note 9 will deliver outstanding battery life. And this exactly what Samsung is teasing in its latest ad by mocking its favorite opposition, the iPhone.

Accompanying the fun battery teaser is another teaser which mocks the iPhone for its limited storage and promises that the Note 9 will change that in “a day.” With the base storage on the Galaxy Note 9 expected to start at 128GB, Samsung is definitely playing on the handset’s strengths here.

There’s also a third teaser from Samsung which mocks the iPhone for its speed which is a bit ironical. Considering Samsung phones are heavily criticised for their poor performance, this teaser will perhaps end up backfiring eventually.

With less than two weeks to go for Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 9, are you excited about the handset?