Gallery: The Red OnePlus 6 Sets the Standard For How Red Phones Should Look

Red OnePlus 6

OnePlus has managed to strike gold with the OnePlus 6. While the company has been consistently churning out great smartphones since the last two years, the OnePlus 6 has truly turned out to be a massive hit for the company selling 1 million units in just 22 days. To keep consumer interest alive in the phone and to ensure it continues to catch the media attention, OnePlus is also releasing new color variants of the device. 

After the limited edition Silk White and Avengers Edition, OnePlus announced a red color variant of the OnePlus 6 which goes on sale in international markets from July 10th and in India from July 16th. While its common for companies to release a red variant of their handsets a few weeks or months down the line, the red OnePlus 6 stands out from the sea of other red phones out there purely because of how the final implementation.

I have seen and used a fair bit of red phones, but the red OnePlus 6 is an absolute stunner. The glossy back has just the right texture of red to make it look eye-catching without stepping into the tacky category. Compared to the Midnight Black OnePlus 6, the red variant does a better job at hiding fingerprints and body oil. Combined, both these factors are enough for me to recommend the red OnePlus 6 over every other color variant of the device.

What do you think about the red OnePlus 6? Looks pretty darn hot, ain’t it? Do you intend on picking one up when it goes on sale later this week?