OnePlus 6: How to Record Super Slow-Mo Videos

OnePlus 6: How to Record Super Slow-Mo Videos

The OnePlus 6 has turned out to be a huge hit for OnePlus selling 1 million units in just 22 days of its launch. While previous OnePlus phones were also good, the OnePlus 6 manages to set the bar even higher with its stunning design, great camera, and display. What’s impressive is that OnePlus has truly managed to include some flagship features on its flagship killer this time around.

While most other flagship smartphones in the market are capable of recording slow-mo videos at 240fps at Full HD resolution, the OnePlus 6 manages to one-up them by being able to record slow-mo videos at 480fps@720p resolution.

While this is not as good as the Galaxy S9 which is capable of recording slow-mo videos at 960fps, the OnePlus 6 does have one edge here over its competition. The Galaxy S9 is capable of recording super slow-mo videos for only 0.2 seconds, the OnePlus 6 can do so for a full minute. So, while the OnePlus 6’s slow-mo capabilities might not be as good as the GalaxyS9, chances are you will be able to capture a better slow-mo video on the OnePlus 6 than on Samsung’s flagship handset.

So, how do you record a super slow-mo video on the OnePlus 6? Follow the steps below to know how.

How To Record Super Slow-Mo Videos on OnePlus 6

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your OnePlus 6. Swipe up from the shutter button to bring up the mode switcher.

Step 2: Select Slow motion mode. On the action bar at the top, you can see the resolution and the frame rate at which the phone will record the slow-motion video.

Step 3: Make sure the resolution is set to 720p@480fps to ensure you are recording super slow-mo videos.

As mentioned before, you are limited to recording super slow-mo videos to a minute on the OnePlus 6. Once you are done recording a super slow-mo video, you can edit it using the inbuilt gallery app to specifically decide which part of the video you want to slow down.