1 Million OnePlus 6 Units Sold in 22 Days

OnePlus 6

Less than a month after its release, OnePlus has managed to sell over 1 million units of the OnePlus 6. More precisely, the company took only 22 days to sell 1 million units of its latest handset.

Unlike Samsung and Huawei, OnePlus is a relatively small smartphone brand that primarily sells its smartphone through online channels. While the company sells its smartphones in the United States, it is not available offline or on any of the major U.S. carriers thereby greatly limiting its reach. Thus, despite these hurdles, OnePlus managing to sell 1 million units of the OnePlus 6 within 22 days of its launch is no small feat.

In comparison, it took OnePlus three months to sell one million units each of the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. In fact, OnePlus says it has seen a “sharp upward hike from even the OnePlus 5T” in demand for the OnePlus 6, and that the phone has already become its best-selling product.

This impressive growth clearly shows that OnePlus is making a name for itself among consumers and that despite its limited availability, the company is doing something right with its smartphones that consumers are willing to spend $500+ on a smartphone from a company that has little brand recognition. This is all thanks to the company’s loyal followers who even line up for hours in front of their small pop up stores whenever a new OnePlus smartphone is released. Apart from a new iPhone release, this is a craze that is rarely seen among consumers for a smartphone.

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The OnePlus 6 is an excellent smartphone by all means and it is not surprising that it is doing so well for the company. Sure, there are better phones than the OnePlus 6 available in the market but none of them offer the same value and experience as the former.

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