Google Play Music Subscribers To Get YouTube Premium Access for Free

Are you an existing Google Play Music subscriber and confused about the launch of the upcoming YouTube Music and YouTube Premium launch as to what it would mean for your existing subscription?

Well, Google is grandfathering existing Google Play Music subscribers into YouTube Premium, and not just YouTube Music. This means that for the same price, you are now getting more value for money as apart from your existing Google Play Music subscription, you will also get access to YouTube Music, an ad-free YouTube experience, and access to YouTube’s original content. All this for the same monthly price that you have been paying (i.e. $9.99/month) all this while instead of the increased monthly fee of $12/month that YouTube Premium costs.

YouTube Premium will also provide Google Play Music subscribers with the ability to download music for offline playback and listen to video/audio in the background. Google already bundled YouTube Red subscription with Google Play Music subscription but with the increase in subscription fees, it was unclear if the company would offer YouTube Premium to existing GPM subscribers or not. Do note that if YouTube Red was not available in your country, you will only get access to YouTube Premium.

YouTube Music will launch next week on May 22 in the United States followed by a wider rollout in other parts of the world.

It does seem that Google intends to phase out Google Play Music with YouTube Music eventually. At that point of time, all GPM subscribers would be forced to switch over to YouTube Music. However, until that happens, if you are a Google Play Music subscriber, continue with your subscription as it entitles you to more benefits at a slightly lower price.