Essential Reportedly Cancels Second Phone and Puts Business up for Sale

The Essential Phone was the first device to bring the notch to a mass-market smartphone, but it looks like we might not get to see what an Essential Phone 2 would look like.

According to a report on Thursday from Bloomberg, Andy Rubin –the father of Android– has decided to not only scrap plans for an Essential Phone 2, but also put the Essential business up for sale. The report is based on familiar people with the matter, and suggest that Rubin may be willing to sell off the entire business.

The startup has brought on the services of Credit Suisse Group AG to handle the potential sale, and the report indicates that Rubin has already spoken with at least one potential buyer. Current discussions would see the sale of all of Essential, including engineering teams that worked on the Essential Phone.

The sale would also encompass the original smartphone, an unidentified smartphone product, a camera attachment for the Essential Phone, Essential’s patent portfolio, and other hardware products. At the time of publication, Essential has apparently not made a final decision on a sale just yet.

What’s more, it’s possible that Essential could try to stay in the smartphone game, with some major adjustments:

“Essential could decide to go back into the phone business and has explored hiring a manufacturer other than Foxconn to develop a device with the Essential brand. This would take Essential out of the difficult development process, but still give them a presence in the smartphone market.”

Essential scrapped plans for an Essential Phone 2 and adjusted the teams working on the smartphone to the aforementioned smart home product. Barring any changes, it sounds like that device may still launch some time in 2019.

If you’re an Essential Phone owner, what do you make of this news?

[via Bloomberg]