Google Updates Android Auto With New UI, Better Media Search Integration

Android Auto

Ahead of Google I/O tomorrow, Google has announced some major upgrades to Android Auto. The first and foremost update is to the design which would make content more accessible on media apps.

The search capabilities have also been enhanced on Android Auto. Media apps can now directly integrate their results into Android Auto so you can trigger Google Assistant on your car’s infotainment system and get more details about the song currently being played or other variants of the same song from different artists.

Second, new search capabilities allow media apps to directly integrate their results into Android Auto. This allows drivers to quickly discover tracks that are related to what they’re currently listening to, such as a song’s live version, or a song with the same name from a different artist.

Lastly, Google is adding group messaging and RCS support to Android Auto. This is important since Google has recently doubled down on RCS for Google Chat and by adding support for it to Android Auto, it is ensuring that users have access to their messages on all platforms. You will be able to summon Google Assistant on Android Auto and fire away messages in a group chat.

Google also announced that it is bringing the Play Store, Google Maps, and Google Assistant to next-generation Volvo cars. This means that owners of these cars would be able to directly access Google Maps and other features without having to connect their phone to their car for Android Auto.

[Via Android Developers]