YouTube Remix May End Google Play Music

Google is not a stranger to launching products or services, tweaking things, and then, maybe, even launching a brand new service to replace what’s already out there.

As such, we have seen a variety of different music streaming options launched by the House of Android. And it sounds like we might be getting one more sooner rather than later. Since last December there have been grumblings that the YouTube team has been working on building its own streaming music service, and, since then, there have been independent reports and confirmations that that is indeed the case.

Some rumors had pegged the service’s launch being sometime in March of this year, but with April coming to an end here shortly, it’s safe to say that wasn’t the case.

Droid-Life has a report out today that gives a bit more detail on what’s coming down the pipe, at least as it relates to the current standard for streaming music under Google’s umbrella. According to unnamed sources, the launch of YouTube Remix, which should happen soon, will see the end of Google Play Music altogether. In addition to that, Google will be forcing migrations from Play Music to YouTube Remix, with all Play Music subscribers off the service by the end of 2018.

There is no word on how Google Play Music will end, other than the aforementioned forced migration of its users.

Google doesn’t need multiple means of streaming music, so the demise of Play Music in favor of YouTube Remix makes sense. Unfortunately there isn’t any information on what will happen with existing Google Play Music customers’ playlists or libraries, but the hope is that Google will simply carry that content over to the new service, so not every customer has to start over completely. That probably wouldn’t go over very well.

[via Droid-Life]