How to Record Super Slow-Mo Videos on Samsung Galaxy S9

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With the Galaxy S9, Samsung has focused primarily on the camera. Apart from improved imaging performance, Samsung has also supercharged the slow-motion video recording capabilities of the handset.

Thanks to the faster chipset, improved ISP and a dedicated DRAM for the camera sensor, the Galaxy S9 is capable of recording super slow-mo videos. How slow? Up to 960fps at 720p resolution. The Galaxy S9 is not the first handset in the market capable of recording videos at such a slow speed though. Sony’s flagship Xperia handsets from 2017 are also capable of recording videos in super slow-mo, though given their lack of popularity, not many people know about it.

Anyways, back to the topic: the super slow-mo feature on the Galaxy S9 can be used to capture some amazingly funny videos. It’s a great party trick to show off to people and make them jealous of what your new Galaxy can do. But to be able to make them jealous, you need to know how to record super slow-mo videos on the Galaxy S9. Check out the steps below to know how.

Before you start recording videos in super slow-mo though, you need to know that the actual slow-mo part of the video will be limited to only 0.2 seconds. While that may seem very less, 0.2 seconds of action when slowed down will easily translate into a slow-mo video that is around 2-4 seconds in length. And like the usual slow-mo mode found on other phones, the super slow-mo part will be accompanied by regular HD footage. Its recommended that you shoot super slow-mo videos when there’s plenty of light available otherwise the quality of the video will be very poor. Also, note that super slow-mo videos are recording in 720p resolution and not Full HD.

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your Galaxy S9 and then swipe to the left on the viewfinder so as to switch to the Super Slow-mo mode.

Step 2: You don’t need to worry about pressing the record button right before the action starts to record the super slow-mo video. Samsung’s smart camera app takes care of all that. In the Super slow-mo mode, you can see a square in the middle of the viewfinder. Whenever the camera detects any movement in that square box, it will automatically switch to super slow-mo recording. Otherwise, any action occurring outside of the box will be recorded in HD resolution.

Below is a video from Samsung Belgium that shows the super slow-mo feature on the Galaxy S9 in action:

Are you enjoying the ability to record super slow-mo videos on your Galaxy S9? Drop a comment and let us know how and why you find it useful.