Hindi Support Finally Makes Its Way to Google Assistant

Google Assistant Hindi

Google has freshly added support for Hindi commands on Assistant, bringing much joy to Hindi speakers around the world. The feature has taken surprisingly long for Google to implement, but we’re glad it’s finally here.

The fact that Assistant is more conversational than a few other voice assistants could explain why it took Google this long to bring the feature. Accessing it doesn’t take much effort as you simply have to set your device language to Hindi from the Settings.

Google mentioned during the MWC that multilingual support and more languages will be coming soon with languages like Thai, Indonesian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Dutch also expected to be added in addition to Hindi.

Google mentions that most natural Hindi commands will work with some examples listed on its blog:

“Kal subah mujhe saat baje jagaao”
“Selfie kheencho”
“Daddy ko SMS bhejo “5 minutes mein pahunchenge”

Google Assistant is a versatile voice assistant found predominantly in Android devices, and downloadable as an app on iPhones. But for all its versatility, Assistant was lacking support for Hindi, which is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and only behind Mandarin in terms of total native speakers.

This is not the first time Google is bringing Hindi to Assistant, however. A few months ago, the company teamed up with Indian carrier Reliance Jio to bring an English-Hindi version of Assistant on an exclusive feature phone. Google Assistant in Hindi has also been available on the Allo app since last year.

Google Assistant in Hindi is accessible on devices running Android 6.0+ currently, but will eventually make its way to Android 5.0+ as well as iOS devices.

[Via Google India Blog]