Google Lens is Now Rolling Out Wide for Android Users

Back in February, Google officially announced that its feature, Google Lens, would be rolling out to more Android users in the (near) future.

Unfortunately, at the time, there wasn’t an expected time frame to get excited about. That changed recently, though, as the official Google Photos Twitter account posted on the social network that the feature is now rolling out to all Android users. All you need to get the feature to work is the most updated version of Google Photos, which is rolling out in stages now. If you haven’t received the update just yet, stay tuned as it should arrive soon.

Google Lens is a feature that’s tied to the camera on your phone. It allows for a user to launch the feature and identify a wide range of things, including dog breeds and landmarks, which will then populate additional information on those things. Android users will also be able to quickly create a new contact just by scanning a business card.

Google also reconfirmed that the feature is launching for iOS in the near future as well.

Now that Google Lens is rolling out wide, are you excited to give it a shot if you haven’t yet on a Pixel smartphone? Or is this one feature that has fallen off your radar entirely?

[via @googlephotos]