Google Adds Dark Mode to YouTube’s Android App

Google is adding a new dark mode to the YouTube app for Android and iOS. The new “dark theme” can be activated by going to the Settings menu from under the account option.

The dark theme essentially inverts the white UI elements to black thereby making it more immersive. YouTube had first added a dark mode to its website last year after which it quickly became the most commonly requested feature for its mobile app. Given the popularity of dark theme in apps among power users, it is nice to see Google finally getting around to adding a dark theme to the app.

For now, the YouTube app for iOS is being updated with the dark theme. The Android version will also get an update in the coming weeks to add the dark mode.

Sadly, this does not mean that you should expect Google to introduce a dark theme in Android P. The first developer preview of Android P lacks any signs of a dark theme, and Googlers themselves have confirmed that chances of adding a system-wide dark theme to Android is unlikely.

[Via The Verge]