Code Within Google App Reveals New Customizable Gestures for the Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds

The Pixel Buds, while being excellent in their own right, do have some issues. However, it seems like Google is on its way to fix them if code found within the beta version of the Google app is anything to go by.

The code reveals support for new gestures, including the ability to skip songs with a double tap gesture, which is surprisingly missing from the Pixel Buds right now.

In addition to skipping tracks, the code reveals how the Pixel Buds can be turned on or off by tapping on either earbud three times. In its current form, the Pixel Buds can only turn off when they’re placed back in the case.

Another interesting addition here is the ability to put the earbuds on sleep mode when you remove one of them from your ear. Using ear detection, a feature that exists on the Apple AirPods, the Pixel Buds will resume operations when the earbud is placed back in the ear.

Although the Pixel Buds were touted as intelligent smart earbuds, reviews suggested that it was somewhat lacking compared to rival offerings. The earbuds only allow activation of Google Assistant, along with gesture based volume controls as well as the ability to answer and reject calls. What makes the Pixel Buds unique, however, is the fact that it comes with real time translation using the onboard microphone.

The addition of these new features will no doubt enhance the feature set of the Pixel Buds significantly, although since it is found only in the early code of the Google app, it’s hard to tell if any of this will materialize.

Would you like Google to add more gesture features to the Pixel Buds? Share your thoughts below.

[Via The Verge]