Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus Battery and Fingerprint Component Pictures Leak

With less than a month to go for Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at MWC 2018, key details surrounding the handsets have been leaking all over. A previous leak pointed to the S9 and S9 Plus coming with the same battery capacity as their predecessor.

Today’s leak further corroborates those claims as it shows us a picture of the batteries that Samsung will be using inside the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. While the Galaxy S9 will make use of a 3,000mAh battery, the larger Galaxy S9 Plus will make use of a bigger 3500mAh battery.

This will likely raise concerns among many about the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus offering inferior battery life than their predecessor. After all, they will be coming with a faster and more powerful processor, more RAM and storage, and other improvements. However, given the improvements by switching to a 10nm second-generation process with the Snapdragon 845/Exynos 8895 chip and the use of other power-efficient components, the Galaxy S9 should offer better — if not the same — battery life as their predecessor.

Another component leak of the Galaxy S9 gives us a look at the camera and fingerprint module at the rear of the device. The camera module does not reveal much but the image confirms that Samsung has indeed switched to a new shape for the fingerprint scanner for the S9 and S9 Plus. Considering that the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were not really known for their reliability, a redesigned fingerprint scanner shape on the S9 should possibly help on that front.

[Via SlashLeaks]