Google Maps Still Works Properly on Decade Old Platforms and Smartphones

Google Maps

Google Maps has become an indispensable part of almost every smartphone users’ life. Google has been continuously updating Maps with more features and data to keep it up to date. Despite all these improvements though, Google has also ensured that even Maps works on even older OS platforms.

As reports, Google Maps still works on Android 1.0, the oldest build of the OS currently available from 2007. In that version of Android, Maps was still in beta stages so it is impressive that Google continues to support the app to date.

On iOS front, Google still continues to support Maps v1.0, the first standalone version of the app released in late 2012 after Apple gave the default Maps app the boot in favor of its own mapping service. In fact, the native Google Maps app in iOS 6 also continues to work and can be used for navigation purposes as well.

Going back even further, the Java version of Google Maps — which was used on the feature phone — also continues to work. This app was last updated in 2008 and despite that, one can use it for street view purposes.

Apart from Google Maps, the only other Java app that continues to work to this day is Opera Mini. Even WhatsApp, known for its support for older platforms, has stopped supporting the Java version of its app long ago.

Going back even further, Google Maps even works on a Palm Treo 755p, which was released in 2007 — that’s over a decade ago! The phone in question does not support emoji, lacks Wi-Fi connectivity, and it does not even connect to Sprint’s 2G EV-DO network anymore. Yet, Google Maps continues to work on this device.

Do note that the data being displayed by Maps here is not outdated, it is the same data that you would see on your latest Android or iPhone smartphone. On older devices, where supported, one can still use Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation and Street View.

The only other Google product that continues to work with such older devices to date is Google Search. While Gmail does work on older web browsers, it loads a lighter version with most of the functionality missing.

What do you think about Google Maps still working properly on such old smartphones and platforms? I’d say that’s quite an impressive feat from the Maps team over at Google.

[Via Tnhh]