Essential Phone in Halo Gray Features Built-In Amazon Alexa

Essential is trying to keep the attention on its first smartphone, the Essential Phone, and offering new colors and variants is one way to go about that.

It was just yesterday that Essential unveiled its “Spring Collection”, a trio of new variants of the Essential Phone that offer new color schemes. And now the company is back at it again, but it’s introducing more than just a new color option. Essential today announced the Halo Gray Essential Phone, which features Amazon Alexa built-in.

Here’s the tweet, which includes a quick video.

The Halo Gray Essential Phone is priced at $449.99 ($250 off the standard price tag), and it’s available to pre-order exclusively from Amazon beginning today, February 16. It will officially go on sale on Wednesday, February 21.

The Halo Gray version of the Essential Phone has 128GB of built-in storage, a pair of 13-megapixel cameras on the back, and a 5.7-inch Quad HD display. It is the same model as the other Essential Phones out there, with the exception of Amazon Alexa being built right in out of the box.

What do you think of an Essential Phone with Amazon Alexa built-in?

[via @essential; Amazon]