Android Messages v2.9 will Bring Improved Chat Features and Payments

Android Messages

Google is updating the stock Android Messages to version 2.9 with a bunch of new features on board. The good folks at Android Police have managed to get an APK of the app, detailing what’s new inside.

To start things off, Google is letting people use a web interface to chat with their contacts on a web browser. This is similar to Google Allo and WhatsApp Web, and will function pretty much the same way. This means you will require an internet connection on your phone for the messages to appear on the browser. This feature is believed to be known as “Ditto” internally, but will subsequently be known as “Messages for web”.

Google is also looking to bring an enhanced payments feature within Android Messages. While the app already allows payments to friends and other contacts, this new feature will allow you to make payments to businesses as well. Overall, the idea now is to use Android Messages to buy and sell products. This feature is also being rolled out by WhatsApp, so it’s clear where the future of instant messaging is headed.

There are some changes being made to the standard chat as well. Some string has been found within the app that talks about Google urging users to “text over Wi-Fi”. It appears as if Google doesn’t want to wait for the RCS standard to evolve on its own and is thus taking matters into its own hands.

Do you like the addition of these new features? Share your thoughts below.

[Via Android Police]