Samsung Galaxy S9 Will be Unveiled on February 25

Samsung already said it would announce a new smartphone at Mobile World Congress, and now it has started up the hype machine.

Today, the official Twitter account for Samsung Mobile tweeted out that it will announce a new device at Mobile World Congress, teasing the upcoming Unpacked event for February 25. That is technically one day before this year’s Mobile World Congress technically starts, but that’s how these big companies usually announce things.

As for what’s going to be announced, Samsung Mobile’s video it shared has a giant “9” that materializes, along with the words, “The Camera. Reimagined.” That doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination as far as what the company could announce next month.

Here is the tweet:

With a little over a month to go before the phone gets announced, are you getting excited to see what Samsung changes from last year’s model to this one? What are you hoping to see?

[via @SamsungMobile]