One Google Home Device Was Sold Every Second Since October

Google’s Assistant-powered Home speakers turned out to be popular tech gifts this Christmas and holiday season. The company in its latest blog post says that it sold “tens of millions” of its Google devices for the home over 2017 and more importantly perhaps, it sold a Google Home device every second since the Google Home Mini went on sale in October.

Additionally, Google points out that Google Home usage increased over 9x times this holiday season when compared to last year. This clearly shows how popular Google Home was among customers this year. The launch of the $49 Home Mini must have played a key role here especially since it was available at an even lower price during the holiday season. The Google Home Max launched towards the very end of the year so it likely did not contribute much to the overall sales especially 0nce you factor in its steep price as well.

Thanks to the popularity of Google Home and Android devices, Google Assistant is now available on over 400 million devices which also includes the likes of watches, TVs, and headphones.

Google was not the only one whose smart speakers sold like hot cake. Amazon’s Echo series of smart speakers were also among the most popular tech gifts this holiday season, with the Alexa app jumping to the top spot in the iOS App Store during the period. In fact, it is totally possible that Amazon’s Echo series of speakers outsold Google’s smart speakers running Assistant.

[Via Google]